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Guitar Lessons at Your Home or Online!

Hey Everybody, thanks for checking out my guitar teaching page!

Iíve been teaching guitar for over 10 years now and I love it! I can come to your home if you live in the Nashville area and if not I can see you online. I teach a number of students from around the country via Skype and FaceTime and We Have A Blast!

I teach the way I was taughtÖ by working on YOUR favorite songs the FIRST DAY. If I donít know the songs already, Iím always happy to learn them and teach them right back to you. By starting with the songs you choose, we learn the basic chords of the tune first and then the music theory comes in after that. Itís a simple formula that works and Iíve been teaching folks from the ages 8-68 years old.

Eventually when students feel comfortable with their material and if theyíd like to, we go out and perform a couple of their songs live at a coffee shop. Itís a fun goal to work towards!

To find out more or to ask for referrals, please give me call 203-820-3722! Iíd be happy to speak with you.