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Co-writing in Nashville

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

This process was all pretty new to me when I moved here, but after having written some songs with some great writers here… I’m really enjoying it.

Once you get on a roll with a like-minded writer, you write more songs, more often and finish them a lot faster. A lot of times, with the right co-writer, the songs seem to write themselves. It’s one of my favorite parts of playing music for a living… you get to build something from nothing and you get to share the whole process with someone else who comes up with ideas you might never have thought of. On the business side of things, too, once you do cowrite a tune and you like it, you have two people “shopping it” to more and hopefully bigger opportunities.

It’s a new thing… cowriting a song is a big deal here!

’ll be heading into the studio with some really great players in the next few weeks to record a new tune I Co-wrote with Beth Sass and Jim Johnston. I’s called “Thank God for Friday Nights.”

I’ll post it when we’re done in the next few weeks and you guys can tell me how we did. : )

Til then thanks for listening. Have a great spring.

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