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Nashville fulltime now…

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I moved to Nashville, and just getting settled in…. I’m lining up some cool things in the new year and will share them with you guys soon.

It was a fun year.

Got over 16,800 listened to Take Me Back to the Back Roads on Pandora in one quarter

It was my last year in Connecticut… The band and I got to open for Kevin Bacon’s band; The Bacon Brothers, and I got to record with their bass player Paul Guzzone right after that show in Nashville. We cut a tune called “Choose Love” that I wrote with PJ Pacifico and Scarlett Lewis for the “Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation”…. Played a ton of gigs with Kevin Gallarello on guitar and Anthony Radice on keys and backing vocals/// didn’t due enough gigs with my band (JJ Clarke-drums, Dom Yorfino-Bass) but we’ll have to remedy that. Got over 16,800 listened to take me back to the back roads on Pandora in one quarter, trained my dog to fetch and was very fortunate to spend a lot of time in the outdoors hunting and fishing this year. Looking forward to doing more al all of this in 2015.

Thanks to all you guys for making it a great year. Onward! We've got a great new record coming out this year with a cool old 70's cover tune, some really talented players and some great cowriters… keep ya posted on a release date!



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