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Christmas Tune

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Hey everybody, here's the new Christmas tune I was telling some of you about on social media earlier this summer... Let me start by saying, in the music biz, Christmas starts early.... always has ~

This new one is called: “Someone for Someone… this Christmas Eve”

It’s inspired by the peace you feel on Christmas Eve, when all the work and shopping and wrapping is done and you have a minute to reflect on the ones you love, the ups and downs of the past year and how others might be spending their Christmas.

People say Mel Tormé wrote "The Christmas Song” during a heat wave in Beverly Hills in 1944! : )

We recorded it in Nashville this past July with some great guys that just happen to be great players to. Most featured on this one are” Steve Hinson on Pedal Steel and Jimmy Nichols on Piano and strings (Carrie Underwood/Faith Hill’s band)

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